How To Make Any University Lecture Interesting

10 ways to take better lecture notes - Save the Student

Have you ever spent a lecture trying to keep your eyes open? Some classes seem a little extra boring during lecture time. Whether you are attending lectures about the treatment for heart disease Sherborn MA or astronomy, here are three things you can do to enjoy any lecture.

1. Get Creative With Your Notes

Notes are important in most classes for the final exam. If you struggle to write down interesting facts or important data, get more engaged in your notetaking. Make sections, use calligraphy or doodle. As you organize your notes, you can study them with a lot more ease and you’ll likely remember parts of the lecture that caused you to write such creative notes.

2. Take Lots of Snacks

If allowed inside the lecture hall, take some energy-boosting snacks to keep you awake. The moment you start to feel tired, pull out some treats. Healthy snacks might be your best bet to regain focus, so do some research on some better snack alternatives. Don’t forget to stay hydrated!

3. Become Friends With Your Fellow Students

One of the best ways to look forward towards a class is to have friends there. Sit with people you enjoy being around and survive the lecture with them. If you’re ever sick, you have people who can supply you with notes. Bring inside jokes and supportive fist bumps to the next lecture and try your best to focus.

Often, lectures can feel boring if the professor has a monotone voice or slower manner of teaching. Don’t forget that the content of the lecture can still be fascinating. Try your best to focus with notes, food and friends. The most important thing is to enjoy class and prepare for the tests. As you try your best, you can learn a lot that can benefit you in your future career.