Tips for Making Your Work Desk an Injury-Free Zone

Type of Injuries You May Face and How an Injury Lawyer Would Help

Sitting at a desk all day does not seem to be a high-risk activity. Yet, this work situation can lead to significant Musculoskeletal Disorders, including tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle strains and other debilitating injuries. You can reduce your chances of missing work by making your workspace more ergonomic. Whether sitting in front of a computer at home or in an office, make these changes to create a more comfortable, safer work environment.


If you trained a camera on yourself for a day, you may be surprised at how your posture changes over time. As you tire, you can begin to slump and jut your head forward. This leads to neck strain, headaches, shoulder stress and lower-back injuries. Seat yourself on an ergonomic chair as you type that provides the following:

  • Supports your lower back
  • Allows flat feet position
  • Keeps wrists flat and angled below elbows
  • Angles knees even with hips

Even as you create an optimal seating situation, take the time to get up and stretch throughout the day.

Computer and Task Items

Inappropriately-spaced computer peripherals are a leading cause of repetitive-stress injuries, requiring the support of an Iowa workers compensation attorney for missed-day claims. You should place your mouse, keyboard and other related desk items within easy reach, at the same level as each other and such that you maintain that straight-wrist position. Fix your monitor at eye-level to reduce neck strain, and turn it away from any glare to minimize squinting.


If you spend significant time on your phone, either engage its speaker setting or speak through a headset. These strategies are especially important when typing. By taking these measures you will avoid having to hold one hand in a raised position or crook your neck for extended periods.

Though it may be hard to imagine, sedentary conditions can lead to unintended on-the-job injuries. Because you can ill afford to miss workdays, setting up your workspace for a more comfortable fit can keep you on the clock year-round.