A Diabetes Meal Plan

Meal Planning 101 - Taking Control Of Your Diabetes

A meal plan refers to a guide for what, when, and the amount of food to consume to get the appropriate nutrition that our body requires to maintain our blood sugar levels at the proper levels. Typically, a good meal plan considers our tastes, lifestyle, goals and any medication that we are taking. Some other elements of a good meal plan involve:

  • It consists of whole foods as opposed to foods that are highly processed
  •  It consists of  more non-starchy vegetable, including spinach, green beans and broccoli
  • It consists of less refined grains and added sugars

Carbohydrates found in the food we consume raises the level of sugar in our blood. The speed at which the carbs increases the blood sugar level is dependent on the type of food we eat and what we accompany the food with. For instance, eating a whole fruit will not raise the blood sugar … Read more

3 Reasons You Overeat!

3 psychological reasons that are making you overeat or eat too less! -  Times of India

Obesity is the new headline these days, and it is not a hidden fact that so many people overeat. Though there is still confusion about the amount of food we should consume, we are aware of overeating dangers. Even with this issue, it is becoming increasingly easy to get food. Our jobs’ tenuous entanglements and the time constraint in meeting deadlines prevent people from eating healthy food or even cooking.

With just a click on your phone, you can order your food online and get it delivered to you. Reviews are important, so read US food delivery service online reviews before you make that food order. These reviews are to help you form healthy opinions concerning the food companies you decide to patronize. On us-reviews.com, you can find reviews of many companies that offer various services ranging from automobiles, fashion, et cetera. Some reasons we overeat are;

A lack

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Who Should Watch Out for Knee Pain

Everyone wants to live an active and healthy lifestyle, but you need two strong knees to keep moving. Although you may avoid accidents and injuries, your knees are still vulnerable and need to be treated with care. Some people are especially susceptible to knee pain and need to keep a close eye on their joints and muscles. That’s why it doesn’t hurt to check up with the most reliable pain management Jacksonville FL is home to.

Are you wondering whether you fall into a group where knee pain is likely to occur? Read on to learn what types of people should be monitoring their knees to keep living a life in motion.


Older Citizens

Like any part of your body, your knees grow weaker with time. Cartilage wears away over the years, causing your knee joints to rub against each other, which creates more problems. However, you don’t have to … Read more