Every business needs a review; reviews are so powerful that they can easily influence customer’s decisions in several ways. There are possibilities that you can get either of the positive or negative reviews. One is influenceable while the other can’t isn’t except for bad cases. Positive reviews can be real or sponsored while no company on earth will be ready to sponsor negative reviews except to make history. One of the platforms that you can place your products to get reviews is Google reviews platform, or you make use of US reviews. Let’s look at ways we can increase our feedbacks, most notably our Google reviews.

How to Track Google Reviews | call Boost Reviews today

Allow users to leave reviews

The number one thing you need to take care of is to make sure you have a Google my business page. It may look like there is no big deal about that, but do not be surprised that it is one thing that most small businesses don’t take seriously. As a good business owner, make sure you register on that page and fill out your business information appropriately.  Once your business page is created and verified, it is now free to collect reviews. One of the best ways to receive good reviews on your Google page is to hire a company that can take care of that for you, such as US reviews.


One of the best ways for you to get reviews is to ask your clients to leave one on your business page.  Instead of you telling them to leave reviews for you on your business page via Google, you should link them directly to your website so that people can contact you through your website. It makes things much more comfortable.

Make it easy for buyers to leave feedbacks

In other, for you to get more reviews than you think, make sure you link as close to the review form as you can. Instead of allowing your reviews to go to your Google business page, link your review page on your website directly to the place where buyers are to leave reviews.

Do not buy fake reviews

Experienced buyers know one when they see it. If you buy reviews for your website, some qualified buyers know its fake, and they will ignore you for someone else. There are several signs to note that a particular review is fake or when you choose to delete them. They will know because there is no how you can satisfy all your clients; one among them must be crazy to leave a bad review. In this wise, do not delete it, rather defend why you felt the buyer feels unsatisfied.

Get reviewed elsewhere

There is nothing terrible in you bringing in reviews from GMB, only that you may not want to put all your eggs in one basket. Most users may love to review your business through your Yelp, because if you don’t have reviews on other platforms like Yelp, US reviews, and some other prominent review sites. Most people will think you bought all the reviews you have on your Google business page.