Best Plastic surgeon in Sydney, Australia

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Are you not happy with your nose shape or any other features? There is no need to worry. You can get your nose job done by Rhinoplasty procedures. You can achieve natural beauty look by means of a plastic surgery. Plastic surgeon Dr Zacharia is the most popular surgeon based in Sydney, Australia. He had done his fellowship in Otolaryngology. He also has specialization in plastic surgery and ENT. He has earned fame for making plastic surgeries as natural as possible. He had recreated many lives by performing much facial plastic surgery. He delivers the surgery with best and natural results.

Over 4000 Rhinoplasty surgeries were performed by him and his experience made him the popular rhinoplast surgeon in the country. He is well known for performing plastic surgeries without much change. He has rejuvenated faces by not changing the patient’s face. This brought him more popularity as no one wish their faces to get completely change after undergoing a surgery. Plastic surgeon Dr Zachariais also a masterin lifting face and neck. The most commonly used techniques are deep plane face technique and neck lift technique. Many of his patients are enjoying a long-lasting and natural face lifts.

Problems of ageing

Ageing is inevitable. We cannot do anything about our age. Our body fails to reproduce and rejuvenate new cells in skin which ultimately leads to wrinkles, dullness, and sulking of skin. It shows greatly in face and there comes the problem. Face shows the age faster than the body. Plastic surgeon Dr Zacharia is also known for his ultimate approach in ageing treatments. With merging the latest medicines and techniques he aims to change the ageing process. He has achieved exceptional results with aesthetic surgery by integrating internal wellness. He has done successful surgeries of various techniques like vitamin infusion, scar healing and reducing inflammation. He performs surgeries for face lift, surgery for eyelids, brow lift, neck lift, and cosmetic ear surgery.

Early life

In 1987, Dr. Zacharia graduated with MBBS degree from University of Adelaide. He then subsequently completed his advanced training in ENT surgery. In 1996, he received his fellowship from Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS) in Otolaryngology head and neck surgery. On the whole, Plastic surgeon Dr Zacharia graduated as specialist physician who can perform ENT, head and neck surgery. After graduating in 1996, he worked as Locum Clinical Lecturer in Otolaryngology at Oxford University, U.K. In 1997, he completed fellowship on plastic surgery for six months.

Honors and Responsibilities

He was formerly the president of ACCS (Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery), AAFPS (Australasian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery), AAFPRS (American Academy of Facial Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery), and ASOHNS (Australasian Society of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery).

Plastic Surgeon Dr Zacharia has a new way of approach for ageing effects that is considered revolutionary in the field of Plastic surgery. He helped many patients to feel younger and healthier by his outstanding surgeries. Many patients are living their life with happiness and satisfaction with their own looks.