Three Truck Accessories Worth the Cost

2020 Nissan TITAN Accessories & Parts | Nissan USA

For most truck owners, their vehicle is the most versatile and valuable tool they own. It can haul a work trailer from site to site, help remove difficult stumps and even go on excursion picnics with the family. You can trick your truck out with valuable accessories which look good and offer you more versatility and function.

Side Rails

Running boards, side rails or “nerf bars” are designed to help you get up into the truck easier, but they can also give you a good boost to grab something from the bed without climbing inside. Factory installed running boards are not standard on all vehicles, may interfere with ground clearance or not reach low enough for shorter people to climb in. Some truck accessories Amarillo TX companies even feature side rails which raise or lower to give you a step and tuck away as you drive.

Bed Covers

Investing in a bed cover can help keep items dry and secure in the bed of the truck. Locking hard covers are more secure against theft and impact, but soft covers can be easily retracted for taller loads. You can even find an option between these two types which feature hard panels which can be folded up and stored in the bed when not in use.

Front Grills

Directly behind the front grill is the radiator, which needs both airflow and protection from impacts or debris. If you take your vehicle camping, off-roading or into heavy construction areas, you want more robust protection with a grill designed to take and deflect impacts. Some look built for running over zombies, which is a bonus for those looking to beef up aesthetics as well as.

The right accessories for your truck can customize the look and function of the vehicle to your needs. You can get side rails designed to tuck away while off-roading, locking bedcovers to keep your work tools safe from weather and theft, or front grills to deflect impact damage away from the radiator. You can also find everything you need to turn your comfortable ride into an eye-catching workhorse.