Counsel: A Tool For Guidance

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Loss, stress, confusion, and the unknown, these are a few things that many people deal with on a daily basis. When trying to maneuver through life there will be times when we face at least one of these situations. Sometimes the solution can be easy but there are times where there is no clear answer. In times like this it is good to gain supportive help from a counselor.

A counselor is a person who has had training to give advice and help guide a person to solutions that help them get over a barrier that is hindering them from moving forward in life. According to the American Counseling Association the process of counseling is when the counselor helps the client identify goals and potential solutions to problems which cause turmoil, seek to improve communication and coping skills, strengthen self-esteem, and promote behavior change and optimal mental health. Since people encounter different situations that can affect them there are different types of counseling that can be helpful in most areas. I will list a few of them.

The first one is marriage counseling. This is counseling for a married couple who are having troubles in their marriage due to personal issues, lack of proper communication, or they just simply can’t get along. This counseling will allow the couple to work on ways to improve their relationship by working on and resolving their problems. Family counseling can involve a married couple with children, siblings, extended family, or whatever the definition of family might be for certain individuals. The counselor helps the family to deal with the issues the family is having so they can work on healing and moving forward together.

Another type of counseling is guidance counseling. These types of counselors are there to help a person figure out what they would like to do in their life or how to take themselves from one level to a higher one. You may be more familiar with seeing guidance counselors in high schools and in colleges however, there has been an increase in people becoming career and/or life counselors. These counselors help people beyond the classroom.

There are substance abuse and mental health counselors. Substance abuse counselors help people who have a dependency on drugs, alcohol, or both to get clean from their substance and learn how to cope without them. A mental health counselor is there to help the person work through their psychological and emotional issues and help them find healthier ways to deal with their issues and to function in society. Sometimes this is in conjunction with medications, so the counselor will also aide in making sure the client is not becoming dependent on the medication.

The last one I will touch on is grief counseling. This type of counseling is counseling that helps people deal with loss. Grief counseling is not to be confused with some grief coaching which is a more modern way of helping the person one on one whether it be over the phone or by online video calling. This is an alternative way of counseling that is more convenient for the client.

If a person needs help with coping, guidance, grieving or just to be heard giving a counselor a try would be a great choice. There are many forms of counseling to help with different situations a person may deal with. They offer the help needed in a safe and effective way.