4 Ways To Alleviate Dry Eyes

Are you frustrated with dry, irritated eyes? Do you find it hard to handle bright lights? Do your eyes frequently sting and itch? Dry eye disease impacts thousands of people. The tear ducts no longer function correctly, providing little lubrication. Because of this state, inflammation sets in, making it painful and, at times, hard to see. 

Sufferers may find relief by seeking out various treatments. A proactive stance to correct the condition could allow you to do more and feel better. Here are four ways to heal and soothe those tired eyes.

1. Consider Medical Treatment

Experts have several prescriptions and techniques to alleviate this disease. Speak with optometrists in Halifax that understand the condition. They can look for the cause of tear loss, healing it at the source. Allow them to perform some assessments and be open to light therapy, gland therapy and plugs.

2. Use Heat Therapy

When the eyes become too dry, they develop excess debris. Hence why it feels all gritty and sandy at times. Warmth alleviates this state allowing the glands to open up and add additional oils to the eyes. It can also break up what is stuck on the eyeball, permitting it to fall off.

3. Get an Omega-3 Supplement

Omega-3 fatty acids provide essential oil to the body to bolster the eye’s lubrication. You can take this as a pill supplement or simply certain fish to your diet more often. Salmon, cod and tuna, for instance, both supply larger doses that could be beneficial.

4. Drink Additional Water

If your body is thirsty, your eyes are also likely to be. Consume your daily dose of eight to ten glasses of water. Keep fluids by you constantly, and limit caffeine intake.

Take care of your eyes. If they continue to bother you, talk to professionals for medical help. At home, you can seek comfort by using warm compresses, increasing fish oil intake and drinking your water.