2 Options for Skin Damage Repair

The skin is the largest single organ of the human body and serves as a defense mechanism, temperature controller and sensation mechanism.  As humans age, the skin changes because of accumulated damage and deterioration. These effects are often the result of exposure to the elements. The facial area is at higher risk because it is subject to exposure more than other areas of the body. Once the damage is sustained there are methods by which some restoration can be done. Two of the treatments designed to repair damage include intense pulsed light, chemical peels.

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Intense Pulsed Light

This treatment option utilized light energy the penetrates the uppermost layer of skin and targets spots, pigmentation, and damaged hair follicles.  The light energy is converted to heat that breaks down those areas so the body can then naturally remove them.  These treatments are available from intense pulsed light San Francisco CA to salons up and down the east coast. The number of treatments depends upon several factors that are usually discussed and developed into a treatment plan. These treatments are popular because of the limited recovery time and the variety of conditions they treat.

Chemical Peels

This treatment option applies a semi-liquid solution that blisters the skin in the treated area. The blistered skin eventually comes off, revealing a new layer of skin that is typically less wrinkled and has a smoother texture. The procedure usually takes about an hour. The treatment normally stays on until later in the day when it can be washed off. Following its removal, the surface layer of skin will eventually peel off over the period of a couple of days revealing a new layer. The new skin is more sensitive to sunburn, so it is recommended that exposure is limited and sunscreen applied when outdoors.

The choice of which solution is best is an individual decision. These and other treatment options available can be discussed with a dermatologist and cosmetician to better understand the pros and cons of each before deciding which course to take. The ability to repair some damages due to aging or exposure are ways to improve self-image and feel more confident facing the world.