3 Vital Questions To Ask an Attorney

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You need to make an informed decision about who you hire as a defense attorney, and these questions can help you navigate the many firms you may find in a Google search result. You may not be able to choose an attorney prior to being released from jail, but if you are able to use bail bonds Scranton PA assistance, you have time to research a lawyer while out on bail.

1. Is There a Free Consultation?

Many attorneys will provide a short consultation at no charge, as it helps both parties know if the relationship will be beneficial. An attorney may not feel like your case has enough evidence to lead to a charge of innocent, but you may not like the personality of the attorney. A consultation can give you a better idea of what you are facing.

2. Do You Focus on Criminal Law?

So long as an attorney passes the state bar, they are able to practice any area of law. This general practice experience may not be enough to address your criminal charges. Look for a lawyer who deals specifically with criminal law and has several years of experience in the area. You want someone who has handled several cases that are similar to the charges you are facing.

3. What Is the Billing Structure?

Each lawyer will have a legal fee and billing structure. Some will charge according to the estimated number of hours they believe the case and trial will entail, as well as the research and use of legal aids. Always be wary of a lawyer who cannot give you an answer when you ask about the cost. Hourly rates are the most expensive way to go, especially if your case could take several months.

These are three critical questions to consider when searching for a lawyer. You may be able to have these answered over the phone, saving you time from making an in-person appointment.