Online Peekaboo gender test for fast and accurate results

An online Peekaboo gender test can provide you with test results with 99% accuracy within just 1-2 days after sending your DNA sample to the lab. You can take this blood based gender test as early as seven months into your pregnancy. This is up to three months earlier than your anatomy ultrasound. Whether you are just very eager to know if you’re having a boy or a girl, or even if you’re planning an early gender reveal party, these fast but accurate results might just be able to help you out. Find out the gender of your baby by ordering your very own gender test online.

Peekaboo DNA Gender Test - Early Detection and Fast Results

How to take an online gender test for your unborn baby

Are you ready to order your gender test online? You will receive your very own at-home kit in the mail within 1-2 business days of ordering. With this kit, you can draw some of your blood using the finger prick method. After doing so, you can then use the rest of the kit’s contents to safely send your DNA sample to the lab. At the lab, experienced professionals will use this sample to perform some tests in order to determine the sex of your baby. This will only take 1-2 business days. Once they have acquired your results, they will be emailed to you. Within only four days, you can know the gender of your baby!

Safe and clean testing

In order to get clear, accurate results, it is important to follow some essential steps in preparation for drawing your own blood at home. It is, of course, immensely important that your environment is clean. Washing your hands thoroughly but gently is also a step that cannot be skipped. Are you not completely comfortable with drawing your own blood for the gender test? In that case you do always have the option of getting your blood drawn by an experienced professional in a clean, safe and professional environment. For this option, simply select the in-office kit when ordering your test online.

Privacy concerns and sharing results

When handling something as delicate and private as DNA samples and information on the sex of one’s unborn baby, discretion and respecting one’s privacy is an absolute must. The experts who will handle your sample and your results will therefore not share your results or any of your private information with anyone but you. Your private information is more than safe in the hands of such professional experts. This will prevent any unwanted situations from happening, so that only you get to choose who may know the gender of your baby.