How to react in the case of infidelity?

If things do not flow well with your partner and you discover he or she cheated on you, the best solution is to leave that person once and for all. But what happens when pregnancy is involved? You can perform DNA testing while pregnant, but you will have to wait until the 7th week of pregnancy. At this point, it is possible to extract DNA samples from the baby through the mother’s blood. Laboratories compare the baby’s DNA with the DNA of the possible father and see if there is a biological relationship or not. With the new DNA home test kits, you do not need to go to the laboratory to perform this type of test. During a situation of infidelity, the last thing you want is that your family and friends get involved. Find a solution in private area and wait until you know the results of the test to make the right decision.

The baby is not to blame

While the baby is in the mother’s womb, it is susceptible to any stress or anxiety that the mother may feel. This can cause problems in the baby’s normal development and open the door to diseases or genetic malformations. Although an infidelity can be painful, it is important that, as a couple, you try to work things out. The damage has already been done, so it is not worth adding grievances to the problem. The priority is to find out if the baby on the way is the child of the alleged father. Once the test results are in, the next step is to wait for the baby to be born and, as responsible adults, assume your responsibilities as father and mother.

They do not have to be friends

If it turns out that the man is the baby’s father, ideally, he should assume his responsibilities. The mother does not have to refuse this, and a mutual agreement should be made to look after the minor’s benefits. Some people think they should be “friends” with their ex-partners just because they have a child together. While you do not have to treat each other as friends, you should get along as mature adults. For example, it does not have to be a bone of contention if one of you has a partner. In fact, as much as possible, the parents of the minor child should ideally get along with each other’s partners. Remember that these people are going to spend time with your child, so you must be sure that he or she is a trustworthy person