Quick Healthy Snack Recipes That Kids Can Enjoy

Kids are always curious about the food they eat. Why do I have to eat greens? Why do I have to avoid candies? Why do I have to drink plenty of water? These are some of the many questions that kids usually bombard us with. I am pretty sure all the parents would relate to that.

If you have a fussy eater in the house it gets very challenging to ensure they get proper nutrition within limited food choices. When it comes to kids, snacking is one of the crucial parts of their daily diet to fit in the nutrition that they are lacking otherwise while ensuring to not give them unhealthy processed food choices.

On the other hand, many kids are snackers itself and they want to eat something quickly. It’s not necessary that something that they have liked yesterday will be acceptable today as well. This is yet another common problem which many parents face.

Snack time for kids can be anytime therefore healthy and quick snacks are a must! So, If your kids are constantly asking for snacks or you want to fit in some healthy snacking habits into their daily routine to make sure they stay full for longer and get maximum of health benefits through various food sources, this blog is for you!

We have got a few quick and healthy snack ideas which can be made in a jiffy and are full of nutrition that your kid needs for the right growth. Keep scrolling to find out!

Fresh Juices

First things first, hydration is very important and by now everyone is aware of this. If your child doesn’t feel like drinking water because of the plain taste like most of the kids, give them a glass full of fresh and chemical-free juice. Either you juice at home or choose a reliable cold-pressed juice brand like OMJOOS that is serving refreshing and 100% pure cold pressed juices across Delhi/NCR.

Juices not only help in maintaining the electrolyte balance of the body but also provide the body with immense health benefits linked with the respective fruits. So your kid is getting hydrated, full for longer period, and various other advantages of liquefied fruit. Amazing, isn’t it?

Roasted Makhana

The crunchy and delicious roasted Makhana aka Fox nuts is a great snack for the kids. It will keep them full for longer due to the presence of dietary fiber and comes with a bonus of other healthy goodness. It is so addictive that no one can stop just at one. Combine it with a glass of refreshing coconut water or lime water to make an wholesome snack-time meal.

Veggie Tray

Nothing is as tasty and full of nutritional benefits like a tray full of veggies. If your kid is a fussy eater or doesn’t like a few veggies in particular, this is probably one of the best hacks to make them enjoy eating vegetables. When a bunch of several veggies is arranged on a plate, it looks so appealing to the kids and they would definitely love to eat.

Choose fresh seasonal vegetables and chop them finely. Mix them well with salt and lime juice to add extra punch. And, you’re good to go. This is something that they will leave you asking for more!

 Fruit Kabobs

Kebob sticks can turn the boring fruit plate more fun, colourful, and appealing to kids who don’t like to eat fruits otherwise. They are the best snack for sudden hunger strikes. Drizzle some honey on the top of it so that your kids won’t be able to resist. This can also be a fun way to teach kids about fruits, colours, and also channelise their inner creativity. Just make sure you use organic honey to avoid any health risk and fresh fruits ofcourse!

Frozen Yogurt

Snack time got so much more exciting and tasty with this simple yet energy-boosting recipe. If your kid has a sweet tooth, this is the best recipe to satisfy their sweet cravings. To make this perfect snack, gather fresh seasonal juicy fruits, frozen yoghurt, dry fruits, and healthy sugar alternatives like honey, coconut sugar or maple syrup. Just mix them well and eat! Use topping of fruits like berries or pomegranate to decorate this thick creamy kids treat. This will not only make them feel full but also provide their body with multiple benefits of the ingredients used in it.

Smoothie Bowls

Smoothie bowls are healthy, versatile, and incredibly nutritious. Choose the combination that your kids love. The only thing you need to know here is always make smoothies at home because most of the ready-to-consume smoothies are full of refined sugar which makes them super unhealthy to have.
Internet is full of simple smoothie recipes so there is an option for all. There are endless possibilities with smoothies. Use the one which you can easily make and which kids also love!

Energy Balls

Easy to make and packed with full nutrition, Energy balls are perfect healthy homemade snacks for kids after school or on-the-go days. They are protein-rich and quite filling too. Blend various combinations like chia seeds, almonds, cashews, with whole grain flour like oats or quinoa. You can also store them in freezer. Pretty simple, right?

Masala Peanuts

Spicy, crunchy, and nutrient-rich snack- Masala Peanuts is surely going to be your kids favourite. It is sweet, savoury, and packed with immense health benefits. Add a whole lot of seasonal vegetables and some lime juice to make this healthy and quick snack oh-so delicious.

Apple Nachos

Apple Nachos are a hit among the kids. This snack is prepared using three ingredients that can be easily found- apple, peanut butter and honey. All you need is to cut the slices of fresh apple, add some peanut butter on top of it and complete with drizzle of honey. This kid-friendly snack is nutritious, fun, and ready within 10-minutes.

Final Thoughts

The above shared snack time ideas are enough to provide tons of nutritional benefits that your kids need in between the meals to stay healthy and full of energy. Make them eat healthy homely meals so that they appreciate eating clean and also learn the importance of healthy eating from the beginning.

Let us know which snacks they enjoyed the most!