Differences between Primary and Urgent Care

It happens many times that we actually can’t decide if a certain situation is for going to the doctor. We usually decide to keep on with the day because we lack the time and there is a lot to be done. This can turn out very bad to us if we figure out too late that something is wrong. You should know the difference between an urgent situation and when you can skip going to the clinic.

Many people actually don’t know where to go when something bad happens and that can take a lot of time that is very precious in some moments. You should always have someone to call, a doctor, or a professional in that field. When you know the difference between urgent care and primary care you will save time when something unexpected happens. Read more about it here: https://urgentcare.associates.

What is Emergency Care?

This is the situation no one wants to be in because they meant for life-threatening situations or close to it. Every second matter in these conditions and that is the emergency part of it. When it happens, you should know that they are open every day for 24 hours, and the rooms for this type of care are usually at hospitals. When something drastic happens like a car accident, doctors will first treat the people that have more serious injuries. So, if there are a lot of people sometimes it is better to visit a private clinic. This is the most serious type of care, so when someone says you need primary care you are not in a problem.

What is Primary Care?

Something doesn’t need to happen in order for you to get primary care. You can just visit a doctor to check if everything is okay. Your provider is trained to treat many minor injuries and common illnesses. When they figure out something more dangerous is going on, they can help you get the right treatment from other medical staff. Read more on this page.

If they have your medical history, it is easier to control your health and give the right advice if needed. Calling in for appointment depends on the clinic, there are some that you can just go and wait for your turn. They don’t have the same work hours as urgent care or emergency care.

What is Urgent Care?

When you aren’t in a life-threatening situation, but you need some assistance because it can get worse, you would need urgent care. The difference between that and primary care is that you will request for urgent care after-hours when other options aren’t available. It is important to have this option and don’t request an emergency care because there are other people who need help immediately.

The most important difference is that these situations aren’t life-threatening. During the week and on the weekends, they will work extended hours. You won’t need an appointment for this occasion. They usually don’t have too much work to do, so professionals are always available.

Primary Care and Urgent Care conditions

It can be very annoying when you are trying to ask for help at the wrong place when you aren’t in big trouble and people have a lot to do. That’s why it is important to know where to go in these situations. If you need some tests to be done like strep tests, lab tests, or x-rays, you should visit these clinics. You can also go there if you need prescriptions or you need to take a basic flu shot or stitching. If you feel bad and you don’t actually know why that is also considered as primary care condition at a certain limit.

Urgent care conditions are more serious and they include something like falls and accidents. Also, if you are vomiting or have diarrhea, you should request urgent care. Cuts that need stitches and difficulties breathing are also considered. There are many things that can be the case you just need to understand the level of seriousness. A strong fever may also be considered or back problems. All kinds of infections and fractures should be treated immediately. Besides fractures, broken bones that aren’t that serious don’t need emergency care.

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