Obesity Epidemic In America

HealthierWell, how did we get here? A mixture of traits has changed our eating habits and our very relationship with food I’ll use my very own childhood as my benchmark. Back within the ‘60s and ‘70s there was precisely one hamburger stand in our city, Wetson’s. We frequented it very, very infrequently, like maybe 3x a yr. We additionally had a Dunkin’ Donuts. My dad had a sweet tooth, so he obtained us a dozen donuts after church every couple of weeks (we went to church each week, we just didn’t get donuts each time). On Friday nights we have been allowed TV dinners. Other than that, we ate residence-cooked meals. If we dined out, it was an important day. My mother wasn’t big on cooking, so if quick meals had been extra available, I’ve little question we would have been first in the drive-through line.Healthier

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