Tabletop Air Purifiers vs. Wall Mount Air Purifiers


Indoor air pollution has become a real nuisance recently. Almost all urban households deal with this problem. The only solution to this dreading problem is air purifiers. These inexpensive state-of-the-art appliances rid indoor air of all pollutants so that you have at least one place where you can breathe freely. These air pollutants include particulate matter, dust, pet hair, odor, bacteria & viruses, paint fumes, cooking fumes, cigarette smoke etc.

The best air purifier India comes in three different mounting styles: tabletop, pedestal and wall mount. All three types of purifiers use either ozone disinfection technology or HEPA filtration technology to purify the air around. Both technologies work perfectly in getting rid of air pollutants from indoor air. Here is a comparison between tabletop air purifiers and wall mount air purifiers:

Tabletop Air Purifiers

Tabletop air purifiers are generally small in size and really compact. They are ideal for placement on top of any kind of table. The tabletop air purifiers are generally recommended for rooms that are small in size. The size of the room shouldn’t exceed 150 sq. ft. Tabletop purifiers are available with either HEPA filtration or ozone disinfection technology. The best part about these is that they can be moved from one place to the other easily. They are really portable and their compact size allows for easy installation.

The size of tabletop air purifiers allows you to keep them wherever you are so that you get pure air to breathe. Some of these purifiers are car-friendly as well. You can carry them from home in your car to office and back. Therefore, with tabletop air purifiers, you conveniently have pure air wherever you go.

Wall-Mounted Air Purifiers

Wall-mounted air purifiers are specially designed for purification of large rooms. The room size for normal wall-mounted models can be up to 400 sq. ft. These air purifiers are ideal for installations in restaurants, big offices, conference rooms and other large areas. They can also be used for drawing and dining rooms that are big in size and require extra air purification. If you have a small and open house, you can use one wall-mounted air purifier for the entire house as well.

Wall-mounted air purifiers generally use ozone disinfection technology as HEPA filtration has a certain range of purification. Ozone can spread in the entire area and disinfect it effortlessly. HEPA filtration is highly effective in closed quarters and smaller areas.

It is difficult to move a wall-mounted air purifier once you have fixed it on a wall. You would have to call experienced service technicians to get it done as these are generally a little bulky.

The wall mountable air purifiers are really powerful devices and ideal for large rooms. They effectively purify entire houses and offices if the size is less than or equal to 400 sq. ft. Deodorization and cleansing the air are just some of its perks.


Both tabletop and wall-mountable air purifiers are responsible to keep the air in their surroundings free from air pollutants. They use environment-friendly techniques to purify the air around you and do an incredible job at that. Some purifiers also have air quality rating systems embedded in them and they can monitor the quality of air so that you can judge how they are working. Start breathing pure air with good air purifiers.