Quick Guide To Blepharoplasty


There are many somewhat common ailments that can hit humans hard. From drooping old age eyelids to joint pain. There are many common ailments that can cause great dysfunction and discomfort in our lives. The good news is that with modern technology we don’t have to live and suffer from these ailments. One of these terrible ailments is Blepharoplasty. Most people don’t even know what that is. There are many symptoms that come along with it. There are also great treatments and the recovery is relatively uneventful. Consider these facts about blepharoplasty.

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What is Blepharoplasty?

Basically, this is a common problem that is simply known as dry eye. Dry eyes can happen for many reasons. Allergies, age, and exposure to certain environments can all cause dry eye. It is very common in climates that are dry and times of the year that are dry such as winter. It is a very uncomfortable problem. Even just opening the eye can be super painful. It is very common among Europeans. It can also be caused by genetics. Some children who have other vision problems often have a side effect of dry eye. Along with all of these cases, certain medications can cause dry eye as well. It can be a terrible side effect. Patients with thyroid or other hormonal problems will also have problems with dry eye. There are many symptoms that come along with dried eyes.


The basic and most obvious symptom of dry eye in pain. It hurts and is uncomfortable to hold the eye open. Ironically, a common symptom is also the matted eye. Especially in the morning. The eye is trying to overproduce tears to make the eye comfortable. Along with that, a patient will have blurry vision. In extreme cases, they may have light sensitivity and double vision. The body recognizes the problem and attempts to fix it. So there will also be swelling in the eyelid and around the eye.


The basic treatment is a type of surgery that goes in and opens up the tear ducts and helps to restore functioning. If it is caught early enough then simple eye drops or medication can also help the situation. The treatment is very situational based on the cause of the dry eye. If it is a hormonal problem then oftentimes a hormonal medication can help. If the dry eye is caused by droopy eyelids then oftentimes a cosmetic surgeon will do surgery to pull the eyelid up. This can help restore basic functions like tear production. The different treatments require different recovery processes.


Recovery for dry eye is relatively easy. If you do have to have a surgical approach it can be daunting. Most people don’t like the idea of a doctor cutting around on their eyes. Along with that, after the surgery, the recovery isn’t bad. There will obviously be some bruising and be painful to the touch. Doctors will often recommend cool compresses to help with swelling. About 48 hours after surgery the patient will be feeling less pain and be up for more during the day.


In the end, dry eye is an uncomfortable and unpleasant condition to be in. However, thanks to modern medicine most people don’t have to deal with it forever. It has many causes which means that it has many different types of treatment. It has many uncomfortable symptoms that can help a doctor narrow down the problem. The recovery is mild as long as it goes smoothly. There are many causes and many fixes for this terrible problem. So if you are suffering from dry eye don’t wait, get help.