How to Deal with Anxiety and Fear

One of the strongest emotions everyone goes through is fear and anxiety. It is also okay to experience these emotions from time to time. However, when they become a pattern in your life, it becomes a problem. If this is something costing your mental health, do not sweep it under the rug or hope it goes away. Instead, address it. Here are some of the ways you can deal with fear and anxiety.  

Face The Situation

Sometimes, the brain can magnify a situation, which makes most people avoid a situation rather than face it. However, the problem with avoidance is that you will never know whether the situation is as bad as you presume it to be. You, therefore, miss the chance to deal with fear and anxiety. The more you avoid the problem, the bigger it will get in your head. Instead, try and expose yourself to the situation. You can even ask someone you trust to help you with facing the crisis.

Do a Breathing Exercise When Feeling Anxious

If you start feeling anxious with your palms sweating and your heart beating faster, try a breathing exercise. Instead of fighting it or trying to distract yourself, feel the panic. Place your hand on your stomach while taking deep breathes slowly. This will help your mind get used to coping with panic, which can help take away the fear.

Be Kind and Gentle To Yourself

When dealing with anxiety and fear, it is easy to find fault in oneself, wondering why you are not like other people. However, treat yourself as you would a friend. If your friend told you they were anxious about something, you will find ways to help them relax. It can be through listening to them, taking them for a drive or spa treatment, getting them some CBG tincture, or advising them to go for therapy. Therefore, why not extend the same grace to yourself and do these things to yourself.

In some cases, you can grow out of your fears and anxiety. But if it starts interfering with your daily routine, get help.