3 Reasons You Overeat!

3 psychological reasons that are making you overeat or eat too less! -  Times of India

Obesity is the new headline these days, and it is not a hidden fact that so many people overeat. Though there is still confusion about the amount of food we should consume, we are aware of overeating dangers. Even with this issue, it is becoming increasingly easy to get food. Our jobs’ tenuous entanglements and the time constraint in meeting deadlines prevent people from eating healthy food or even cooking.

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A lack of a regular eating cycle

The rigors of our day-to-day experience make it really difficult to eat well. Most times, we rush out without preparing something to eat. Instead, we grab whatever we find and toss it down just to keep the body together. This scenario is the daily experience of most people. How often you skip meals, eat on the go, or eat while you are stressed out affects your body’s regular eating and digestive process. With this irregularity in your eating habit, your body does not recognize when to eat. It, therefore, does not perform the digestive processes necessary to digest your food and absorb nutrients.

When you eventually eat, it takes a longer time for your brain to realize that you have had enough food, which results in you eating more than you should. It is best to create a regular eating timetable to coordinate your body and reduce these mixed signals. When you do this, you help your body to burn fat and digest food better. It is important to take your breakfast as your body needs the calories to function well. You should also avoid eating when you are ravenously hungry, as it can tempt you to eat more than you should.

Deficient nutrients in your meals

For our bodies to function correctly, it needs to extract nutrients from the food we eat. When the body needs more nutrients, it has a way of signaling this to us. If you eat meals that are not balanced regularly, your body will continually signal that it needs some nutrients that these foods cannot provide.

When the body gets the nutrients it needs, it signals the brain, which stops the hungry feeling until later. However, if you do not feed these nutrients to your body, you find that your body will continue to crave food, and you will continue to overeat. Foods that are high in carbohydrates are desirable and appealing to most people, but try to balance it out with proteins, fats, vitamins, and your cravings to overeat will fade away.

A lack of understanding of what the body truly wants

Many times, we assume that the body wants food, whereas it needs rest. Food can help make you feel calm for a while, but eating while you feel stressed is not a wise course of action, though it is a convenient solution. Depending on food for comfort can create some dangerous problems later, as your body depends on it, as it does when someone is addicted to a drug.

To ensure that you do not overeat, have a healthy eating lifestyle and an excellent social relationship. Since stress can cause overeating, activities like listening to music, reading, getting some alone time at the spa, taking a short walk, et cetera, can relieve it.