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3 Vital Questions To Ask an Attorney

5 Questions To Ask A Real Estate Attorney | FortuneBuilders

You need to make an informed decision about who you hire as a defense attorney, and these questions can help you navigate the many firms you may find in a Google search result. You may not be able to choose an attorney prior to being released from jail, but if you are able to use bail bonds Scranton PA assistance, you have time to research a lawyer while out on bail.

1. Is There a Free Consultation?

Many attorneys will provide a short consultation at no charge, as it helps both parties know if the relationship will be beneficial. An attorney may not feel like your case has enough evidence to lead to a charge of innocent, but you may not like the personality of the attorney. A consultation can give you a better idea of what you are facing.

2. Do You Focus on Criminal Law?

So long as … Read more

Reasons You May Be Losing Your Hair

Signs That You May Be Losing Your Hair - The Hair Loss Recovery Program

Losing your hair can be really stressful for anyone. As you grow up, your hair becomes part of your identity and when that part of your appearance starts to change, it can be really alarming to a lot of people. 

The Difference Between Normal and Excessive Hair Loss

It’s normal to lose hair each day. We all do. Each person has an average of 100,000 hairs on their head. They typically shed around 50-100 strands of hair each day. 

When this becomes excessive is when you are losing hair, but your body isn’t growing new hair or when you are losing an atypical amount of hair each day. If this becomes the problem, you may be interested in hair restoration Westchester County NY

Why am I losing my hair? 

The question then comes, why me? Why am I losing so much hair? 

There are many reasons for hair loss. … Read more